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A research was carried out by Whitlock, Powers and Eckenrode (2006) on internet and adolescent self-injury. Computer access and use has grown exponentially among teenagers in the past decade. The research has shown teenagers use the internet basically for social reasons. Internet usage makes social interaction easier and therefore acting as a powerful resource for teenagers desiring information regarding interpersonal relations and sexuality. These bring about change in personalities within the teenagers. Self injurious behavior is a variety of behaviors in which a person purposefully imposes harm to his body for reasons not socially sanctioned without an intention of killing oneself. Teenagers share various traits over the internet and some of these traits lead to injurious behaviors.

One of the major criticisms of Kantian moral theory is that it focuses on rational autonomy. The critics highlights that Kantian moral theory leaves any being who does not posses the capacity for rational autonomy as not independently morally considerable. This indicates that the theory suggests that there is nothing about human beings that we need to be taking into moral account. For example, consider the following scenario. You have a piece of candy which is unbreakable and two children are in front of you and want the candy. Both have the goal of wanting the candy, which seems rational (they both want the pleasure of eating the candy). However, if you give it to child A, you would be refraining from helping child B achieve his goal of getting the candy (or getting pleasure from the candy). In this situation, no matter who you give the candy to, you would be committing an act that is morally wrong (since in either case, you are preventing one of the children from achieving a rational goal).

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Writing theory essays

writing theory essays


writing theory essayswriting theory essayswriting theory essayswriting theory essays