Why do i write with my paper sideways

1) Make sure that you have installed the MCR (MATLAB Compiler Runtime) on the target computer that is the same version that you have on the system that compiled the program . A different version will not work. For example, a program compiled with version will not work on a computer that does not have that exact version installed on it. Earlier or later versions will not work. If this is the problem, then you should see an error message notifying you of this in the console window that appears as the application tries to launch. You can have multiple, even older, versions of MCR on the target computer without any conflict, but you must at least have the same version it was compiled with.

I have taken care of an 8 year old since she was 8 mo old. Many times, it’s been 24/7. I love her like she’s my own. Her mom lets me do whatever I want with her. Last month, my grandson moved close to me and I care for his 3 year old. When both spend the night, the 8 year old, whom I’ve always laid down with till she goes to sleep, will insist that the baby not sleep next to me. She will cry and tell me that I love the baby more than her. I tried to tell her that she loves her mom and she loves me, she can love us both. She said, “No, I love you more.” She has repeatedly told me that she wants me to adopt her. On one occasion, the baby called me mom grandma, response was “You are my mom.” I said, “If I’m your mom, who is your mother?” She said, “She’s my aunt.” I’ve always done many things with her like taking her to local playgrounds and attractions, trips etc. Her mother says she never has time. We invited her to go to a local attraction last week, giving her 2 hours notice and her response was, “I haven’t had my shower.” This has happened so many times over the 8 years, so we just go ahead and do our thing. I think this causes 8 year old to be jealous.
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Why do i write with my paper sideways

why do i write with my paper sideways


why do i write with my paper sidewayswhy do i write with my paper sidewayswhy do i write with my paper sidewayswhy do i write with my paper sideways