We must protect the nature essay

Not to try and one-up you, but Dr. Arthur T. Bradley disagrees with you regarding grounding of Faraday containers. He’s an electric engineer with NASA and has done a number of different EMP tests that you can watch on YouTube. Whether or not to ground a Faraday container is a topic that continues on forums and comment sections like this one ad nauseum. Personally, if Dr. Bradley says that it doesn’t need to be done, I will go with his advice. If you’d like to ask him why he believes this to be so, his email address is [email protected]

Beloved Ndugus na “fellow followers” in Christ, Please do not take this comment as a quip answer. I not be of any formal education either secular or religious. Full tyme Pastor and full tyme secular employment. Just technical wording? Can one be both? Also in Luke 10 : 7 tiz stated ; “Stay in that house, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages.
Are not we; “followers” workers in His harvest fields?
I am retired and am humbled that me Lord has chosen, commanded and is using a forgiven sinner in the harvest fields of my current 3rd. World Nation. am blessed to have fair health, a small SS check and a very loving National Pastor, his familia as my host. I receive not nor accept any offers for carrying out His commands. I have yet to see any of the dying church syndrome here; yet; and pray it keeps its ugly head away. I can only affirm the points mentioned as from my years of serving / attending “church’ in USA. Keep the faith and walk in His shadow and indeed, HIS church will survive. Mulungu akuhasi Ndugus katika Yesu Christo……..LUKE 9 : 23

We must protect the nature essay

we must protect the nature essay


we must protect the nature essaywe must protect the nature essaywe must protect the nature essaywe must protect the nature essay