Unicon capacity essay

“I think this is an important contribution because the modeling is based directly on the intrinsic limits of physical properties of bone, which quickly circumscribes the types of forces that such large skeletons could tolerate,” Thomas Carr, a paleontologist at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, told Gizmodo. “In this case, running is eliminated for T. rex because the loads would simply snap the bones; this inference is consistent with previous work, and it is encouraging that different studies are converging on the same answer.”

Flibe uses thorium, an element that's more common in the earth's crust than many “ordinary” metals like tin. Lemhi Pass in Idaho contains enough Thorium to supply US energy needs for a few thousand years. Many other countries also have vast reserves of thorium. (Byproducts of thorium mining are “rare-earth” metals like neodymium, which are used in super magnets, hybrid cars, etc. In fact thorium is usually considered a nuisance contaminant in rare-earth mining and there are huge quantities in rare-earth mine tailings.)

Unicon capacity essay

unicon capacity essay