Thesis on e-commerce security

The AMA Education system has sister schools. Unlike the Quezon City campus, whose land is wholly owned, some of the campuses are on rented real estate. The campuses are overseen and monitored by government departments, such Department of Education (DepEd), Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA), Commission on Higher Education and the Philippine Maritime and Naval Agency (MARINA), for Norwegian Maritime Institute. Student population mainly determine the longevity of the campuses. Only the main campus of AMA, in Project 8, is accredited with a University status; all else are under study for proper accreditation.

1- Care for each other: genuine interest in each other and their success and fulfilment
2- Openness and truthfulness: saying all that needs to be said in order to help the team achieving results
3- High levels of trust: trust amongst the team members and their work have a positive influence on results
4- Consensus decisions: decisions are made for the best win-win outcome for the team
5- Commitment: Doing what it takes to get the results you want
6- Address the conflict: it is seen by team members as healthy to address and work through conflicts
7- Real listening: focussing the attention to the communicator instead of being led by your own agenda
8- Express feelings: provide a safe and courageous space to express feelings without fear and ridicule

Thesis on e-commerce security

thesis on e-commerce security


thesis on e-commerce securitythesis on e-commerce securitythesis on e-commerce securitythesis on e-commerce security