Storm thesis

Having a better understanding of Neptune's atmosphere will help give astronomers a clearer picture of this icy giant's global circulation. This has become increasingly more important in the exoplanet realm, as a majority of exoplanets found so far are nearly the size of Neptune. While scientists can calculate their size and mass, not much is currently known about exoplanets' atmosphere. Explore further: Image: Hubble sees new dark spot on Neptune

Cheers TS. Unfortunately, the last part of my feedback to the writer about making up info on the run to support a poor thesis was edited out (not the first time). I suggested credibility in future articles/posts were at risk with readers. Had to take a snap of the screen again of this to go with my previous screen shot with the edited out information to the now discredited S T Ruggling. Sad, but they’ll be out there shortly on another site. I’m not sure why theroar are so keen to censor facts and advice to authors that make it up on the run. The whole site then loses credibility.

Storm thesis

storm thesis


storm thesisstorm thesisstorm thesisstorm thesis