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“The observatory initially belonged to the mathematics department and later became part of Ispa. We had to replace the dome structure because it had eroded. I didn’t spend a single penny of the university and designed and developed it with the help of students and financial support from philanthropists. It was all-out of sheer love for science and madness,” he remarked. ‘More theory than practical’ The institute comprising a few classrooms, a computer laboratory and an observatory, set up on a hillock near the Silver Jubilee Gate were all found to be in a poor shape during a visit by Dawn.

Industrial space is property that generally includes places such as warehouses, light manufacturing buildings and factory/office multi-use buildings. These facilities are typically used for research and development, product production and service, and the storage and distribution of goods. [1] Leasing commercial space is more complex than leasing an apartment or house. A commercial lease doesn't have a standard lease form, and you'll need to sign a commercial lease agreement. You and the owner will work together to create a tailored lease that permits you to operate your business in the industrial space you're interested in. Learning how to find and lease an industrial work space can help you get your business up and running smoothly.

"An enormous amount of time will be required to develop the questions and experimental models for use on the space station," says Dr. Katz. "First, you have to make sure you're asking important questions. Also, the scientists' time is valuable, and it's very expensive to put the experiments together and transport them to the space station." Added to this is additional training the astronauts—many of whom are scientists —must complete to be able to perform the experiments correctly. Thanks to the formal agreement between NIH and NASA, the research will be carefully coordinated into high-priority areas, with promise of practical results.

Space research newspaper articles

space research newspaper articles


space research newspaper articlesspace research newspaper articlesspace research newspaper articlesspace research newspaper articles