Seminary doctorate without dissertation

This Doctorate program is for MDiv or MA degree holders to delve into deeper studies of the Ministry and its impact on the culture and congregation. Many schools offer this program as a four-year study and include research projects and real-world engagement as part of the graduation requirements. The DMin program is structured to improve leadership qualities of a pastor while sharpening their discernment and focus within their area of ministry. Variations and specialties are offered at many seminaries (., education, ministry development, leadership and spirituality).

Covington Theological Seminary was founded and chartered as a Seminary in September of 1977 in the State of Florida.    It is a non-profit corporation for the purpose of offering Religious and Theological Education.    In July of 1980, the Seminary moved to Rossville, GA, near Chattanooga, TN.    In the Fall  of 1981, the trustees of Covington established the Covington Bible Institute whereby one may enroll and receive a Bible education regardless of one's educational background.    In 1985, the school moved to its present location in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA which is only minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

Seminary doctorate without dissertation

seminary doctorate without dissertation


seminary doctorate without dissertationseminary doctorate without dissertationseminary doctorate without dissertationseminary doctorate without dissertation