School sucks

And in case you were still hoping the Obama-era health guidelines would save the day: Those regulations were leaving schools with even less money than before . When the rules took effect, 70 percent of schools ended up taking a "significant financial hit," as students simply didn't want to pay money for food that prolonged their lives but tasted like cardboard. The year after the regulations began, Detroit's public school system lost a full million dollars in revenue. We're basically in a no-win situation; either schools lose money on unhealthy school lunches which make students fat, or they lose even more money offering healthy lunches students refuse to pay for ... instead buying snacks which make them fat. It's almost as if the real problem isn't with schools, but with Americans having this toxic relationship with food wherein many would rather have to be buried in a piano crate than eat the occasional zucchini.

i’m guessing both sides here have some valid points. i bank at a small regional mid atlantic bank. they put a hold on my funds from a $5,000+ check drawn from wells fargo bank. i did get them to release the hold after making a few calls. but if they did not, it would have taken at least 7 business days for them to become available. my only other choice was to head to the local wells fargo branch and bend over if i wanted immediate access to those funds. so it’s not a matter of ‘too poor to have an account’….there will be other extenuating circumstances. stop judging.

School sucks

school sucks


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