Research thesis on linguistics

In the Philippines, an academic thesis is named by the degree, such as bachelor/undergraduate thesis or masteral thesis. However, in Philippine English , the term doctorate is typically replaced with doctoral (as in the case of "doctoral dissertation"), though in official documentation the former is still used. The terms thesis and dissertation are commonly used interchangeably in everyday language yet it generally understood that a thesis refers to bachelor/undergraduate and master academic work while a dissertation is named for doctorate work.


  1. Answer the following questions in short phrases (not full sentences).
  2. Do not use periods / full stops (.) at the end or capital letters at the beginning of the phrases you write. You can see an example .
  3. Click the "Build a Thesis" button when you're finished.
  4. A window will pop open with your Built Thesis.
  5. Go back and adjust your answers to smooth out the thesis until it makes sense and expresses your beliefs. Clicking on the "Build a Thesis" button again will update your thesis to show your changes.
  6. Once you've got a thesis statement, use the Make an Online Outline button to generate the framework for your essay. (Would you like to see an example outline ?)

Let's get started! What's the topic you want to write about?
What's your main opinion on this topic?

( Note: use the topic somewhere in this opinion statement and maybe the word "should")
What's the strongest argument supporting your opinion?
What's a second good argument that supports your opinion?
What's the main argument against your opinion?
What's a possible title for your Essay?
Once you are happy with your thesis statement,
you can crank out a quicky outline by clicking the button below.

This site and group focus on the history, folklore, legends, first-hand accounts, and general study of reported events and experiences considered to be related to ghosts and hauntings.

O/TGHRS is a proud member of the PSICAN groups and websites and is the oldest established online site and group devoted to looking into ghosts and related experiences in Canada.  As part of the PSICAN groups, Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts do abide by and follow PSICAN's Rules of Governance .

To assist you with navigating this site and group, the most often visited and requested information are linked below...

- How do I look up published reports from specific places?
- How do I become a part of your team?
- How do I report my own experience?
- How do I investigate or research ghosts and hauntings?
- Do you clear homes/help with psychics/get rid of ghosts?
- Do you do events, tours, or have places to discuss things publicly?

If the above does not help you, you will find a "Search" function to the left of this window which you can type your request and hopefully something will come up, or you can navigate through the links on the left above the search, or feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Research thesis on linguistics

research thesis on linguistics


research thesis on linguisticsresearch thesis on linguisticsresearch thesis on linguisticsresearch thesis on linguistics