Quantum computing phd thesis

Using the eigenvectors of the Pauli-x operator, a single qubit is | + ⟩ = 1 2 ( 1 , 1 ) {\displaystyle |+\rangle ={\tfrac {1}{\sqrt {2}}}\left(1,1\right)} and | − ⟩ = 1 2 ( 1 , − 1 ) {\displaystyle |-\rangle ={\tfrac {1}{\sqrt {2}}}\left(1,-1\right)} .

While significant research efforts have broadened the understanding of toxicity of QDs, there are large discrepancies in the literature and questions still remains to be answered. Diversity of this class material as compared to normal chemical substances makes the assessment of their toxicity very challenging. As their toxicity may also be dynamic depending on the environmental factors such as pH level, light exposure and cell type, traditional methods of assessing toxicity of chemicals such as LD 50 are not applicable for QDs. Therefore, researchers are focusing on introducing novel approaches and adapting existing methods to include this unique class of materials. [33] Furthermore, novel strategies to engineer safer QDs are still under exploration by the scientific community. A recent novelty in the field is the discovery of carbon quantum dots , a new generation of optically-active nanoparticles potentially capable of replacing semiconductor QDs, but with the advantage of much lower toxicity.

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Quantum computing phd thesis

quantum computing phd thesis


quantum computing phd thesisquantum computing phd thesisquantum computing phd thesisquantum computing phd thesis