Proofreading tips

Two other techniques I use are to:
1. Read my work backwards from bottom to top – even scan from right to left. This helps prevent the familiarity issues that cause authors to repeatedly miss – missing words, repetitive words and phonic errors – “their” for “there” as appropriate.
2. Just keep writing so that there are several days if not weeks between writing and proofing. Again this limits the authors familiarity with the work from continuing to read over obvious problems. Go back an read your old second rough drafts and see how easy it is to spot the errors you missed on your first editing draft when it was all fresh.

Yes, any text! You’d be surprised by the amount of grammar or spelling mistakes that can be found in most texts, even those written by native speakers of the language. Such mistakes can be quickly corrected with a good spelling and grammar checker. Spelling errors can be caused by typos, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes , and misused words. Grammatical errors can range from anything like the correct usage of singular vs. plural, to misused tenses. Ginger proofreader corrects even the most complicated mistakes, so now you can type fast and stop worrying about making errors!

Welcome to the Proofreading telecommuting, part-time, and flexible jobs page! Proofreading is a career that is perfect for those who have a good eye for detail, grammar and spelling. Proofreaders review, edit and make changes to written work before it is published. Proofreaders may also do some of their own writing or be asked to supervise other writers with planning the content for print publications, websites or technical materials. Many proofreaders work independently in contract and freelance jobs. Common job titles for proofreading work are editing, quality assurance evaluator, book reviewer, copy editor, content editor, copywriter, and writer. If you have the desire to work from home as a proofreading professional, then consider applying for some of the contract, freelance, part time and full time opportunities here.

Proofreading tips

proofreading tips


proofreading tipsproofreading tipsproofreading tipsproofreading tips