Probability and statistics problems

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Let us consider the appropriateness or otherwise of someone (call him ' Philo ') describing himself as a theist, atheist or agnostic. I would suggest that if Philo estimates the various plausibilities to be such that on the evidence before him the probability of theism comes out near to one he should describe himself as a theist and if it comes out near zero he should call himself an atheist, and if it comes out somewhere in the middle he should call himself an agnostic. There are no strict rules about this classification because the borderlines are vague. If need be, like a middle-aged man who is not sure whether to call himself bald or not bald, he should explain himself more fully. [1]

Probability and statistics problems

probability and statistics problems


probability and statistics problemsprobability and statistics problemsprobability and statistics problemsprobability and statistics problems