Nickel and dimed analysis essay

Cramer is madness. The bulk of his wealth is in the IPO stock for his company …as well as his earnings from CNBC. He was also in sales at Goldman Sachs for a period. He did run a small hedge fund for a period. The results of that fund have ben debated, and documentation of his track record has been difficult to verify accurately. I would study Buffett. The majority of his wealth was made picking stocks and buying businesses. he never did a TV show and never wrote a book. Cramer is a great writer and entertainer. Sorry you liked the book. He is nothing more than Wall Street’s version of Robert Kiyosaki.

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Nickel and dimed analysis essay

nickel and dimed analysis essay


nickel and dimed analysis essaynickel and dimed analysis essaynickel and dimed analysis essaynickel and dimed analysis essay