My zodiac sign

First, always consult your physician when planning surgery. Many of our readers do look at the "Man of Signs" to schedule health appointments, based on the age-old belief that the Moon's signs are associated with body parts. (Aries is attributed to the head, with the rest of the signs moving down the body.) In The Old Farmer's Almanac book, there is a Moon sign calendar that shows the sign for each date of the year. One finds their date and then the sign; the farther away the Moon sign is from the sign associated with the afflicted body part, the better.

@sara the reason gemini does not have any 10/10 relationships is because GEMINIS ARE INCAPABLE OF RELATIONSHIPS! you’re too flaky and cant help but love only half the time. That is not good for anyone you could be with. who wants to be loved %50 of the time when someone else who’s probably also smarter and more caring about others will love at least even %75 of the time? Sorry gemini but you might as well do something for yourself instead of relying on your friends and become a prostitute and stop breaking the hearts of those that will be in love with you forever and only you if you could make up your mind . Me an aquarius man with a gemini moon.

My zodiac sign

my zodiac sign


my zodiac signmy zodiac signmy zodiac signmy zodiac sign