Lipsitz essay whiteness

I don't have to have any kind of academic credentials to say, with some certainty, this is quite well thought out and at the same time pretty flawed. How many of us whites have this particular history to own? In the case of my grandparents who were refugees from the Russian Revolution in 1917 the answer would be none. In the case of my mother's family who wound up in the LA suburb of Huntington Park, as did many blue collar southern whites when migrating to Los Angeles, my mother did recall seeing one lynching. So that one qualifies. But Italians who landed in San Francisco to fish probably have no recollection of any lynchings. See my point? Like it or not, there is nothing like a "white history of discrimination" that we all have in common. And the majority of whites, no matter whether they are right wing crazies or not, will probably never know or want to know. Nice sentiments, maybe not that practical.

When my grandfather died, the farm was sold and my mother and her four siblings each received a share of the proceeds. And when my parents bought their first house in 1954, they used her modest inheritance for the down payment. They also obtained an affordable mortgage from the Federal Housing Administration set up after World War II to help returning veterans buy their own homes. Being ordinary citizens, they may well have been unaware of the fact that federal regulations and guidelines governing FHA loans overwhelmingly favored whites over people of color, putting them on the receiving end of white privilege in one of the biggest transfers of wealth in . history. Whether they knew it or not, however, the effect is the same.

Excellent illumination of important source of not just Trump-ism, but of racism in general. It has long been the practice of the powerful to keep the working class fighting each other lest they ever realize that the true impediment to a quality life are those in power. This has never been more true than today. One critique of the article though - is it necessary to start the article by trashing those writing from a similar viewpoint? If not similar, at least coming from the same side of the spectrum. It didn't help my understanding at all.

Lipsitz essay whiteness

lipsitz essay whiteness