Lesson plans research papers

How Well Do You Know the States?
Use Kidspiration ® to geographically arrange a puzzle of the 50 United Sates.  Then students will show what else they know about the states by adding interesting symbols and written details.

Cartoon Creator
Students will use Kidspiration ® to develop a multi-panel cartoon based on their research related to a historical event.

Comparing Native American Tribes
Compare and write about two Native American tribes or groups in several categories of information using Kidspiration®

Globalization: Mapping Our Stuff
Students will use Kidspiration ® to create a diagram that documents the origin of their possessions.  They will then research and write about the factors that led to the production of the items.

Symbols and Leaders of the United States
Match names with symbols to identify the people and symbols that have shaped US democratic values.  Then students will write details about the people and symbols, conducting research as necessary.


Lesson plans research papers

lesson plans research papers


lesson plans research paperslesson plans research paperslesson plans research paperslesson plans research papers