Kondratieff cycle thesis

In 2000, the two authors published Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation . This work discussed the personality of the Millennial Generation, whose oldest members were described as the high school graduating class of the year 2000. In this 2000 book, Strauss and Howe asserted that Millennial teens and young adults were recasting the image of youth from "downbeat and alienated to upbeat and engaged". They credited increased parental attention and protection for these positive changes. They asserted Millennials are held to higher standards than adults apply to themselves and that they're a lot less vulgar and violent than the teen culture older people produce for them. They described them as less sexually charged and as ushering in a new sexual modesty, with increasing belief that sex should be saved for marriage and a return to conservative family values. They predicted that over the following decade, Millennials would transform what it means to be young. According to the authors, Millennials could emerge as the next "Great Generation". The book was described as an optimistic, feel-good book for the parents of the Millennial Generation, predominantly the Baby Boomers. [25] [26] [27]

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Aren’t we already near the end of the international capital inflows cycle, which you propose is coming, instead of the begining? Isn’t QE and inflows from international investors what has kept the US bubbles going?
Isn’t “the canary in the cool mine” the recent and increased outflows out of US equities and into international markets, from smart money and insiders? For example, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Sept 23 that he is selling $18 Billions of Facebook stock.
How will the Fed’s unloading of $ of US debt affect your prediction?
How does the possible replacement of US dollar as the world currency attract investors to US?
As a value investor, why would I invest in an inflated market as it’s the US?

Kondratieff cycle thesis

kondratieff cycle thesis


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