Judicial activism essay

And then there are the Republicans, which is the party that I am registered with, but disavow. It seems like nothing is more important to them than tax breaks for the rich, who already hold a greater percentage of wealth than they have ever owned historically. Yet they want more, and look down upon those barely getting by with the attitude ‘Well, if they just made good choices (like going to the Joel Osteen church of self aggrandizement or getting into the right Ivy League school) they would not be in the sorry shape they are in. They caused their problems, and they need to work them out themselves.

Q. In some countries, if president is impeached or dies, then VP becomes president for remaining term. Do you think we should do it in India, to save cost of election? Should we have similar system in India? It’ll save cost of re-election before expiry of tenure, after all, president or VP is having a ceremonial role?
Answer could be – Sir, It is true that The posts of the president and the vice president hold a ceremonial role in India. and we do have a provision of the Vice-president acting as the president for a maximum period of 6 months in certain cases – like president not able to discharge his/her duties on the ground on illness or death or resignation.
A system similar to US-where the electoral college of president and vice president are same- to be implemented in India shall require a change in electoral college of the vice-president which presently consists of only the members of parliament and state legislatures are not a part of this electoral is because in India Vice president’s normal role is to preside over the council of states.

But not just there. Reading this book felt like a demisting of the window through which I see British politics. The bonfire of regulations highlighted by the Grenfell Tower disaster, the destruction of state architecture through austerity, the budgeting rules, the dismantling of public services, tuition fees and the control of schools: all these measures follow Buchanan’s programme to the letter. I wonder how many people are aware that David Cameron’s free schools project originated with an attempt to hamper racial desegregation in the American South.

Judicial activism essay

judicial activism essay


judicial activism essayjudicial activism essayjudicial activism essayjudicial activism essay