Information technology coursework gcse

Since 2002, the . economy and national security are fully dependent upon information technology and the information infrastructure. A network of networks directly supports the operation of all sectors of . economy - energy (electric power, oil and gas), transportation (rail, air, merchant marine), finance and banking, information and telecommunications, public health, emergency services, water, chemical, defense industrial base, food, agriculture, and postal and shipping. At the core of the information infrastructure upon which we depend is the Internet.

Cyber Security
While the Internet has grown enormously and globally, it has also grown increasingly insecure. Cyber attacks on . information networks occur regularly and can have serious consequences such as disrupting critical operations, causing loss of revenue and intellectual property, or loss of life. To be able to counter such attacks, President Bush is directing the development of a National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.

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Information technology coursework gcse

information technology coursework gcse


information technology coursework gcseinformation technology coursework gcseinformation technology coursework gcseinformation technology coursework gcse