Grace before meat essayist

Looks good – Robin as in ‘Batman and…’ so ’tis him 🙂 When his children were very young he and his wife and the children spent time in South Sudan where he was doing missionary work. Look for Dinka crosses on the website. I only mention this because coincidentally the Archbishop of Canterbury is in the Sudan now consecrating the church there as a formal part of the Aglican Communion. When Robin and his family were there, the place was in the midst of a civil war and there were (as I recall it) crucifictions! Blessings, mark

All of our topics will eventually be available in text and audio. We have decided not to put video available on the website for several reasons. First, our video studies are approximately an hour long each, which puts them in the many gigabyte range, which would take an extremely long time to download. In order to make the files smaller, we would have to compress them so much the quality would suffer most bible study videos, we actually put the text of the scripture we use on the screen for everyone to read along as we teach. If we compress the files so much to make it feasible to download the text would get very hard to read. So we have decided, since we already do mailouts, to make our videos available on DVD only at this time. These videos, as always, are free of charge. If you would like to get on our mailing list click here .

Grace before meat essayist

grace before meat essayist


grace before meat essayistgrace before meat essayistgrace before meat essayistgrace before meat essayist