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But what if you turn that around? What if you purposely tried to manipulate people into seeing their similarities instead? For instance, you might have Asians, Mexicans, African Americans and whites on your team. But if you know all of them like that Netflix show from above, you could use that to break the ice or make a fun point everybody's going to get. Then, once people see they're not so different, you can use strategies like giving gifts, making good eye contact or offering strong words of encouragement to really get the oxytocin pumping and solidify the sense of community.

Near the episode’s conclusion, finding the despondent Summer in the kitchen, Morty gestures toward the shallow graves in which he and Rick buried their alternate selves in “Rick Potion #9” and offers an especially blunt take on the uses of television. Whether you read the moment as a condemnation—that we watch to deaden ourselves to the universe’s cruel indifference—or an affirmation—that we find some necessary sustenance in these silly stories of ours—the crucial point may be that the medium isn’t the message. The medium is what we make of it.

On August 21, 1911, someone stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre and turned the art world upside-down. When a French newspaper offered a reward for information, a man came forward with a statue he'd stolen from the museum four years earlier. He claimed to have stolen a few of them for the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, who'd sold them to Picasso. The 29-year-old artist, now living in France, was taken to court , where he denied knowing that the statues he'd purchased were stolen. There was no real evidence or a link to the Mona Lisa theft, so Picasso wasn't charged.

Ghostwriter netflix

ghostwriter netflix


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