Gender roles in society essay topics

Due to gender roles, women--even if they work full-time outside the home--arestill perceived as having the primary responsibility for taking care of homeand family. Generally, if a child is sick and both parents work, it is the mother who leaves the office, picks the child up, and stays home until the child is well enough to return to school. Researchers have also found that the woman is still the primary doer of housework (although today's men tend to domore housework than their fathers did). Working mothers do 20 hours of housework each week, compared to working fathers, who do 10. The tasks considered "male," such as yard work and car maintenance, were sporadic in nature and involved an aspect of leisure. The tasks considered "female" were generally repetitive, and had to be done daily--researchers called these tasks "unrelenting, repetitive, and routine." In addition, women are still responsible for mostof the food shopping, child care, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and even for how the house looks.

Western women may not be treated with the same respect as respectable Muslim/Afghan women.  In fact, Western women may be treated as if they were prostitutes.  This is because Western women are not held to the Islamic and tribal codes of honor and, in the minds of Afghan men, are already believed to be potentially (or likely) promiscuous.  Afghan men may be quite forward in their interaction with Western women.  Regardless of how a Western woman is dressed, Afghan men may leer, make inappropriate physical contact or even directly proposition a non-Afghan woman for sex — either outright or in exchange for something of value.

Not all denominations are like this, like the church I am a member of, but that’s how it is with others. Of course, those are just three examples of such “rules” for women. These may seem minor compared to the “authoritative husband” and “submissive wife” roles, but again, just examples. And, like you stated “it’s a losing battle” to continue such discriminatory roles within the church. Some also don’t allow women to take any leadership roles. So I guess I wouldn’t have been teaching for those 14 years, then! Anyway, another example.

Gender roles in society essay topics

gender roles in society essay topics


gender roles in society essay topicsgender roles in society essay topicsgender roles in society essay topicsgender roles in society essay topics