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Joseph died at the age of one hundred and ten years. He was embalmed and put into a sarcophagus (a coffin made out of stone) that was let down into the Nile river. (The Egyptians hoped that the children of Israel would never be able to fulfill their promise, and would thus have to remain in Egypt. But before the Jews left Egypt, Moses went looking for Joseph’s casket. Serach , the daughter of Asher , who was a prophetess, showed him the place where the sarcophagus had been immersed in the water. Moses called to Joseph, and the casket rose from the water. During all the years of wandering through the desert, the children of Israel carried Joseph’s bones along, until they brought them to the Promised-Land, where they were laid to rest).

As the sum up of all factors and model during coca-cola's global business strategy, for a past 140 years coca-cola use their product, brand, cultural to infiltrate into the propels's life and impression of the taste from generation to generation. For the fierce of the competition and development of economic and technology ,coca-cola will meet more challenge and good competitors in the future, how can they conquer everything and according to method"think global, act local",and still following the company work "give to the world a coca-cola"is a worthy question need to considering in the next step.

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Essays on jacob's room

essays on jacob's room


essays on jacob's roomessays on jacob's roomessays on jacob's roomessays on jacob's room