Essay bartleby

“Poor fellow! Thought I, he means no mischief; it is plain he intends no insolence; his aspect sufficiently evinces that his eccentricities are involuntary.” () The narrator is thinking about how he feels sorry for Bartleby. He is almost like a harmless creature that has no place in the world. Bartleby obviously has something wrong with him. At first when the narrator hires him to work at the office, he thinks nothing of his quiet nature. He actually feels that he would be a positive addition. Both of the other scrivener’s are highly dysfunctional. One has an alcohol problem, and the other has severe indigestion. Not long after Bartleby starts work, the narrator asks him to do a simple task, and he replies, “I would prefer not to.”(Spark Notes)

My own life is governed by such unwritten rules. The will of society is an overwhelming force that is very difficult to go against. Personally my life has fit the mold of what has been expected of me. Being only nineteen, I’ve gone to school, gotten good grades, and now I’m in college. I’m riding the train of life down the same track that millions of other kids my age have rode. Society deems it necessary that we go down this path in order to achieve success, it is a social path that is based on the American dream, that success can be achieved through hard work. But the underlying motivation in most cases of life is money, or currency of any sort. If it were up to me, I’d play video games for the rest of my life, but money motivates most of the activities in our lives.

Essay bartleby

essay bartleby


essay bartlebyessay bartlebyessay bartlebyessay bartleby