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Minimum cumulative GPA of .  Applicants with a minimum GPA of may be considered for conditional acceptance as described below. Students with grade deficiencies (Cumulative GPA between and ), degrees from non-ABET accredited universities, or undergraduate majors other than Electrical Engineering, may be considered for conditional admission. However, any deficiencies must be made up prior to advancing to classified standing and prior to beginning course work for the master's degree. Deficiencies must be completed with a minimum GPA of .  For EE undergraduates if the GPA is between and a minimum of one deficiency course is usually assigned by the adviser, and at least two courses are assigned if the GPA is between and .

Each applicant file will be reviewed by the department graduate admissions adviser. Upon admission, the applicant is urged to make an appointment with the graduate program coordinator. The program coordinator will assign a faculty adviser based on the student's areas of interest and career objectives.

Additional information about applying for the MS in Electrical Engineering can be found at ECS Graduate Admission Information for domestic students or at International Admissions for international students.

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Csuf thesis reader

csuf thesis reader


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