Crucible coursework

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In conclusion I would say that ‘The Crucible’ is an excellent play, based on the events that occurred during the Salem witch trials. In general I think that it has been an interesting play to read about. This is why it has already been adapted to produce a film from it. Overall I think that Miller has used many techniques in trying to convince us that John Proctor is the play’s hero. From showing us that Proctor is a sinner, having affairs, to a noble and kind hearted person, who risked his own life for his friends. I would partly agree with Millers point of view, thinking John Proctor is the play’s hero. My reasons for this are that a hero should be noble and honest and Proctor is. However Proctor is said to have committed sin and is a fraud as he has had an affair with Abigail. Apart from this I would agree with Miller as Proctor has sacrificed his own freedom for the sake of his friends.

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Crucible coursework

crucible coursework


crucible courseworkcrucible courseworkcrucible courseworkcrucible coursework