Catholic high school admission essays

The educational charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is a unique gift from the Holy Spirit provided for the building of the Kingdom of God through the evangelization of youth. As colleagues in schools conducted according to this charism, we inherit a tradition of quality Catholic education. This tradition stems from the religious commitment, personal dedication, and professional competence of the many Brothers who have devoted themselves to the education of youth. Our tradition in education has developed as each generation of teachers has learned the lessons of experience from previous generations.

The school campus also houses a 400m running track and a multipurpose open field. There are a discus cage, javelin-throwing ground, two tennis courts and a basketball court. The Catholic High Sports and Recreational Centre, also known as the Indoor Sports Hall, was completed in December 2008. It houses two basketball courts, volleyball courts and badminton courts, in addition to spectator stands. There are two gyms on the secondary campus. Catholic High is one of few schools with a in-campus sports class, where students go through a rigorous sports and academic course. Sports Class students may choose to take Physical Education as an 'O' Level subject, in addition to the standard 'O' Level curriculum. A new high elements rope course was completed in 2010.

Catholic high school admission essays

catholic high school admission essays


catholic high school admission essayscatholic high school admission essayscatholic high school admission essayscatholic high school admission essays