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Most of this is wrong. I’ve been a hiring manager for over 25 years and let me tell you:
1. Phony numbers and percentages can be made up and are impossible to verify. I ignore them as inflated at best, lies at worst.
2. If you have been working more than a few years, it is IMPOSSIBLE to put the information you suggest in a 1 page resume and nearly impossible in a 2 pager.
This information in this article is the same impractical pablum spouted by so-called “resume experts” for many 30 years. Ignore it!
The resume that gets my attention is one that shows the applicant has the relevant education/training and has worked in the same or similar field for a number of years. Oh, and spelling and grammar must be correct.

As you can see, it’s rather bland. We’re miss- ing a whole bunch of information! Don’t be afraid to hunker down and transform your pro- file from a shy pond to a brewing sea of excitement. On the right hand bar you’ll see a % bar standing idly by, a gauge of how “complete” your profile is. LinkedIn is not only encouraging you but helping you complete your profile and build something worthy of exposure.

Let’s take a moment to break down the profile and see what we can do to build up our account. Let’s add value, quality, and integrity.

Build resume

build resume


build resumebuild resumebuild resumebuild resume