Blended essay family

The modern American society possesses similarities with the 1950s society. The society is marked with numerous agents of mass consumption and promotional events that are aimed at promoting mass consumption. Furthermore, the increased cost of living and the advances in technology have necessitated budgeting and an increased need for budgeting. Therefore, the 1950s housewife offers numerous lessons for the modern-day housewife. The modern-day housewives can learn the principles of food buying and food handling, choosing the most cost-effective and healthy boxed meals from the supermarket, and buying such household appliances like the refrigerator and microwaves. These were critical lessons learned by the 1950s housewives, and are of significance to the modern-day housewife.

It seems like a child has an iPhone before they are even taught how to ride a bike. This is concerning for me because I have witness for myself how these technological gadgets can create barriers and walls amongst family members. If you visit a typical family household today, you will probably find a TV in every room, some kind of game system in the children’s room, and notice that almost every member of the family has some kind of handheld device. This prevents and hinders genuine communication and interest amongst family members. And there is no sign of it ending. In fact, the opposite is true. Need essay sample on "Blended Families" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Blended essay family

blended essay family


blended essay familyblended essay familyblended essay familyblended essay family