African american youth essay contest

At the time of the 2000 Census , % of African Americans lived in the South . In that year, % of African Americans lived in the Northeast and % in the Midwest , while only % lived in the western states. The west does have a sizable black population in certain areas, however. California, the nation's most populous state, has the fifth largest African-American population, only behind New York, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. According to the 2000 Census, approximately % of African Americans identified as Hispanic or Latino in origin , [10] many of whom may be of Brazilian , Puerto Rican , Dominican , Cuban , Haitian , or other Latin American descent. The only self-reported ancestral groups larger than African Americans are the Irish and Germans . [73] Because many African Americans trace their ancestry to colonial American origins, some simply self-identify as " American ". [ citation needed ]

Some who question the gesture of taking a knee may open the door for conversation, dialog, mutual understanding. Yet, it is critical to avoid getting caught up in the subterfuge. Rather, expend that energy on redirecting the trajectory of the discussion. For me, the two most important questions on this subject today are: What can we do together as communities of faith, as neighbors, as members of associations and as individuals to stop the violence that law enforcement officials and the . criminal justice system perpetrate against African American men, women and children? And, how can we stop the progression of racist ideas that many of us convey? To be clear, the many is not limited to White people. 

Afrocentrists believe that in order to solve the black youth violence crisis, black youth must be aligned culturally.  Cultural alignment is achieved by teaching black youth Afrocentric values they assert.  Research appears to support their assertions.  Researchers have discovered that black children who participate in Afrocentric curricular activities, such as rites of passage programs, are less inclined to retort to violent behavior and think less about violence.  The Afrocentric socialization process mitigates the impact cultural oppression has on youth and builds what they term as African self-consciousness.  Once African self-consciousness is actualized, youth no longer feel culturally alienated.  Unfortunately, many of the custodians of programs geared to assist young people with programs are few and far between.

African american youth essay contest

african american youth essay contest


african american youth essay contestafrican american youth essay contestafrican american youth essay contestafrican american youth essay contest